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Fetishcon 2016 – See You There!

We're looking forward to this year's FetishCon. It will be held in St. Petersburg, Florida, from August 11 - 14th 2016. Our new Magic Money Shot fake cum pro crew line is finally ready and we will be showing off and selling it for the first time, along with all of our...

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NEW: Crew Line Fake Cum Shot Re-design

Coming soon, just around the corner in fact - the latest upgrade for the "crew" version of our Magic Money Shot fake cum squirter. The Crew version is designed so that someone other than the actor can operate the device from behind the scenes, leaving the talent to...

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Green Glow Tip Added

We’ve added a new, green glow tip to the Magic Money Shot to help camera operators easily see if the device is in the shot. Take a look in this post.

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Our New Fake Cum Website

If you're an older client, you'll notice that our Magic Moneyshot website has a brand new look and feel. It also has new functionality. It loads faster and it's more secure. In short, we moved away from the original basic WIX template and now have a custom Wordpress...

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Our Cum Is Kosher!

Our fake cum is now Kosher certified. Seriously, it is. We don’t know what the means but it’s seriously food grade.

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Top 6 Uses For Magic Money Shot

Our fake cum has more than one type of customer. Originally designed for adult movie producers, we are finding it’s just as popular with cum play enthusiasts.

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How To Make Fake Cum, Semen, Sperm

There are many ways to make fake cum, semen or sperm, but watch out, some home made methods can make you sick. Food stuffs can result in yeast infections and harsh chemicals can be dangerous if ingested. We supply fake cum in strawberry and ‘authentic’ flavors, as well as a device to shoot it with.

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Spring Sales Prices – Permanent!

Good news for adult film producers and professional cum pranksters.

In our Spring Sale, we reduced pricing across the board on our fake cum shot serpents and Spunk – and now we’re just too lazy to change it back…

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YNOT.COM: Interview with Max Huhn

YNOT: How does the Magic Money Shot work, from start to finish? Max Huhn: It's pretty straightforward. You just load the artificial cum into the bulb, connect the bulb to the hose, charge the system, and squirt. It's that simple. During a shoot, you’d have your male...

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Lelu Love Sends Her Love

Thanks to LeluLove, "The Internet's Most Interactive Sex Star" for testing the Magic Money Shot. Not bad for a first try! Looks like everyone had a great time. Just a little more practice and then we need to see it in action!~ You can also check out Lelu's site at:...

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Magic Money Shot Launches

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Money-Shot Magic New Ejaculation Backup Device Released Orlando, Fla. – July 1st, 2014: This month sees the launch of which will tempt adult film makers with an alternate way to deal with male performers who are...

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