Fake Cum Shots:

Our Money Shot Devices Compared & Explained


“Which product should I buy? How many shots will I get from each type of device? Should I get a refill just in case?”

Great questions, and the answer is: “It depends.”

The “Quick Fire” is more for single operator use and it great for “POV” productions where the camera operator and the talent are one and the same. The “Pro” version is more for professional crew use. The line is longer so that another crew member can operate it, from a distance. To make up for the longer line, the Pro version is more powerful and can easily shoot several yards.

The Magic Money Shot "Mini"

The Magic Money Shot “Quick Fire”


Jizz Content: At 8oz, the Money Shot “Pro” has double the KUM than the Quick Fire (4oz) but don’t underestimate the Quick Fire. When we tested the QF recently we got a staggering 75 consecutive fake cum shots from it. That’s an incredible amount from a 4oz bottle, and you might be forgiven for thinking that just one bottle ought to last you an entire year – but of course it doesn’t work like that in real life. In reality, you don’t start firing and keep shooting until you’re out of ammo. You start and stop shoots, you clean, you re-charge, maybe you fire a bunch of sticky shots at your colleagues, drip some on the floor etc. all of which takes a toll on your precious cum reserves. Nevertheless, a Quick Fire bottle should easily get you through a 2-3 consecutive scenes with room to spare.

The “Quick Fire” device also allows for removal of the POV tubing, so it can be fired with just one hand instead of two, so a POV operator can operate the camera and the device simultaneously. The Quick Fire also makes the perfect cum companion for photographers working on promos who don’t work directly with penises, and therefore don’t need the tubing. Just squeeze the trigger to apply the KUM exactly where you need it.

So yes, it depends.

It depends if it’s your first time using it and you’re going to waste half of it playing around (you will); it depends if you’re going to use it all up in one afternoon in a series of consecutive scenes, or whether you’re going to flush it out and save it for another day; it also depends on how many squirts you want for each cum shot. Bukakke crazy? Expect only 1-2  scenes but if you’re doing a standard porn shoot with 2-4 squirts per scene, expect 5-6 scenes.

Tip 1: Always have a refill on hand. Since the bottles aren’t always transparent, you won’t know when you’re about to run out. So we’d advise having a back up, especially if it’s your first time using it.

Tip 2: If it’s your second time ordering with us, make sure you join our VIP club and get our special insider pricing. It’s free. See details on our Magic Money Shot home page.

Device Summary:  In simple terms, 2 People vs. 2 hands vs. 1 hand.

  1. Two People (pro crew): Use the Magic Money Shot “Pro”.
  2. Two Hands (POV / recreational use): Use the Magic Money Shot “Quick Fire”.
  3. One Hand (photographers / POV splash / recreational use): Use the Magic Money Shot “Quick Fire” without the tubing.