Coming soon, just around the corner in fact – the latest upgrade for the “crew” version of our Magic Money Shot fake cum squirter. The Crew version is designed so that someone other than the actor can operate the device from behind the scenes, leaving the talent to concentrate on what he is supposed to be doing. This also let’s the producer decide on the number of shots to be obtained and the relative strength of each shot and not leave this to a less experienced operator.

magic money shot device

Completely redesigned, the new device uses a powerful trigger spray to shoot our synthetic spunk, making it easier than ever to use and making strong, long distance and bukkake cum shots a cinch. The new device also boasts a new, larger reservoir, providing a full 8 ounces of cum for adult production teams that need to maximize the number of shots and minimize the number of takes.

The new device is more sophisticated, cost more to produce and will retail at about $10 more than the old device–and you’re going to love it. Once you’ve used it, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it. Once the product is ready, you will be able to buy it here.

(For customers who have previously purchased (an older) crew line, we will be making the upgrade available at a discount. Just contact us for details.)