If you’re an adult “stills” photographer working on marketing materials, you probably don’t need all the tubing that the adult talent require. Similarly, if you’re a POV videographer and you’re just looking for a “splash scene”¬† (eg. cum hitting a face) then again, the tubing can just make the task more difficult, since operation of the “Mini” device requires two hands: one to hold the tubing, and one to fire the trigger.

The "Quick-Fire"

The “Quick-Fire” device from Magic Money Shot


Introducing the Magic Money Shot “Quick Fire.”

The Quick Fire can easily be operated by one hand. Also, with the Quick Fire, there’s no need to invert the bottle as with the “Mini”. Loaded with our famous Kum, the device is incredibly accurate, and very powerful.¬†Just point and shoot for the perfect splash shot.

For photographers, the Kum can either be squirted for a natural landing look, or for a more precise application, the trigger may be squeezed gently to place the product against the skin. The sealed unit means no bottle to open and no mess. Just squeeze (or fire) to apply.

The Quick Fire can be used in conjunction with either our strawberry or “authentic” Kum, whose viscosity has been perfected to produce the perfect pop-shot, every time.

See this blog post for a full comparison of our pop shot devices.