In our first post of 2017 we’re excited to announce the launch of the latest Magic Money Shot fake cum device, the Money Shot Mini. The mini will replace the original Magic Money Shot in the coming weeks – and we think it’s an adult industry game changer.

Since launching our original fake cum shot device two years ago, we’ve been looking for a way to improve it’s performance and once we launched our Pro model, we knew we could improve the original. We just had to scale it down.

In 2017, we got the fluid dynamics right it and the results are impressive. The new Mini is simpler to set up than the original, and has double the power, for a fraction of the effort. In fact, it has nearly all the performance of the Pro version, but is half the size and half the weight. This makes it simple to fire with one hand – perfect for point of view (POV) porn producers and anyone that needs to operate the device without assistance.

One of the best features of the new Mini is that you no longer need to suck up the cum formula (Kum) from an external jar before getting to work. Our Kum arrives in a ready bottle – all you need to do is screw it on, prime the line and you’re ready to go.

Each Money Shot Mini bottle contains just over 3oz of Kum – that’s roughly 75 individual, 1 ml cum shots, or enough for about twenty-five, 3-shot scenes (or nineteen, 4-shot scenes) if you started cumming and never stopped. With all of the priming, cleaning, and shooting it around the set for fun, we figure that in practical terms, each bottle should work for around 10 scenes before you’d need to attach a refill.

Special Offer: For those early clients that purchased the original Magic Money Shot, we’d like to offer you a special deal: We want you to switch today, because we know that once you try the new version you’ll be delighted. So we’re offering all our original customers the new Mini model at a discount. Just write to Sales@MagicMoneyShot using the email address you’ve used for your last order (or quote your order number) and we’ll send you the pass code for our “VIP Clients” page. Our VIP clients get not only discounts on the Mini, but across the entire Money Shot range of products.

Order the Mini today and you’ll not only have peace of mind at your next shoot, you’ll have a way to quadruple your output.