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Well, what were we supposed to call it?

L.A. Courier Service – Cumming Soon!~

For Delivery, Call: (818) 492-2992 Starts Aug 1, 2018.   It's been suggested a few times now, so we're going to give it a shot. Need that pop shot - like 20 minutes ago? Not happening? Crew on hold? Ordering porn pizza while you wait? We'll have your problem...

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Fake Cum Shot Goes Wrong

How not NOT to use the Magic Money Shot... This is from a real porn shoot. And although this screenshot was taken from a fairly fast moving scene, at least one person noticed. Busted! Mistakes happen. So here are some tips for using the Magic Money Shot to avoid...

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Instructions for Magic Money Shot Mini – Part II

Let Dong "The Schlong" Juan explain... IMPORTANT: The Mini is designed to be used INVERTED. Hold bottle upside down, which should happen naturally, once in place. CHARGING THE SYSTEM It is important that the system is properly “charged” before use. This prefills the...

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Instructions for Magic Money Shot Mini – Part I

Nobody likes reading instructions. We get it. But to make the perfect fake cum shot, there are a couple of things you need to know when it comes to the Magic Money Shot Mini. Firstly, when using the Mini (this does not apply to the "Pro" version) the bottle needs to...

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New SSL Security: Cum With Confidence!

Magic Money Shot orders are processed using SSL security, so you can buy your fake cum with confidence knowing that your information will be encoded and kept safe and secure. Just look for the bright green padlock in the address bar. This is your assurance that your...

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How Many Fake Cum Shots Per Device?

Fake Cum Shots: Our 3 Devices Compared & Explained.   "Which product should I buy? How many shots will I get from each type of device? Should I get a refill just in case?" Great questions, and the answer is: "It all depends." The "Mini" is more for single...

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Magic Money Shot is Patent Pending

Our Magic Money Shot (fake cum shot) device continues to go from strength to strength and is now “Patent Pending.” Our solution to some of the issues surrounding ejaculation is completely novel and we hope that patent protection will allow is to continue developing...

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We Need Your Feedback! (Get 20-100% off your next order)

Perhaps it's the type of business we're in - but we don't get a lot of feedback from our customers. We're growing fast and we're always looking to improve - and we'd love to hear how you like the product. Did the Magic Money Shot work for you? Is our Kum realistic?...

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Tips For a Successful Porn Shoot Using Fake Cum

If you’ve been in the adult business long enough, you already know that fake cum can be your best friend. We knew that. What we didn't know was that we had a preconceived idea about how it would be used. What we've found is that there is more than one way it can "Save...

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