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Well, what were we supposed to call it?

Best Ejaculating Dildo Just Got Better!

We launched our first squirting dildo just a few months ago and haven't looked back. The KFC ("Kum Filled Cock"), outperformed the other ejaculating cocks on the market, but there were a couple of things we wanted to improve. Now we have an even better dildo, and an...

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Best Squirting Cock Dildo

The best squirting cock dildo could be as simple as an upgrade to the dildo that you already have. Our Quick Fire fake cum shot device launched a couple of months ago. Photographers and POV enthusiasts have had a lot of fun with this synthetic semen applicator - but...

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Synthetic Semen: Our Newest Kum Formula

All of the “cum lubes” on the market are just white-colored regular lubricants. They don’t really look like cum. See our recent cum lube review here. How to Make Fake Cum? Well, it's not easy. One of the biggest issues in creating a good synthetic semen is getting the...

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Cum Shot Malfunctions – Common Problems

Occasionally, we get emails from users who are having trouble operating their fake cum shot device. Sometimes, the device is DOA, but usually, it’s a case of user error - or failure to read the instructions. Here are a couple of the most common problems, along with...

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Best Squirting Dick Dildos 2019

How Squirting Cocks & Ejaculating Dildos Work - A Review Squirting / ejaculating dick dildos cum with 4 main types of delivery system. This blog will review the available dildo styles, as well as a couple of real life, specific brand examples. We tested one of...

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New Release: Ejaculating Dick Dildo Launched

Recently, we launched the new Quick Fire device. Apart from being a great fake cum shooting device, it can also be used as an upgrade kit for syringe-style squirting cock dildos. With that in mind, we decided to release a Magic Money Shot squirting dildo of our own!...

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New Release: “Quick Fire” Device Launched

If you're an adult "stills" photographer working on marketing materials, you probably don't need all the tubing that the adult talent require. Similarly, if you're a POV videographer and you're just looking for a "splash scene"  (eg. cum hitting a face) then again,...

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L.A. Courier Service – Cumming Soon!~

For Delivery, Call: (818) 492-2992 Starts Aug 1, 2018.   It's been suggested a few times now, so we're going to give it a shot. Need that pop shot - like 20 minutes ago? Not happening? Crew on hold? Ordering porn pizza while you wait? We'll have your problem...

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Fake Cum Shot Goes Wrong

How not NOT to use the Magic Money Shot... This is from a real porn shoot. And although this screenshot was taken from a fairly fast moving scene, at least one person noticed. Busted! Mistakes happen. So here are some tips for using the Magic Money Shot to avoid...

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