Nobody likes reading instructions. We get it. But to make the perfect fake cum shot, there are a couple of things you need to know when it comes to the Magic Money Shot Mini.

Firstly, when using the Mini (this does not apply to the “Pro” version) the bottle needs to be inverted.

Secondly, the system needs to be “charged” in order to pre-fill the line with Kum. This is achieved by squeezing the trigger a few times until liquid is seen dropping from the end of the line.

Next, hold the line against the penis but away from the camera. Use the green tip to ensure that the line is not in the shot. Then pass the line between the legs, to one side of the testicles (farthest away from the camera) and keep the line tight (not too tight) against your undercarriage.

The rest is easy.

A full set of instructions is provided with each purchase, but to make life easier we went to an illustrator, to assist those of you who are more “visual.”

Magic Money Shot Instructions

Click to enlarge image

Remember, invert the bottle – or it’s not going to work.  🙂