Our Magic Money Shot (fake cum shot) device continues to go from strength to strength and is now “Patent Pending.”

Our solution to some of the issues surrounding ejaculation is completely novel and we hope that patent protection will allow is to continue developing and improving the products we offer.

The truth is, there’s not much out there to compare our fake cum shot devices with. There are a number of squirting dildos on the market, but these are more like sex toys or novelty items that are not convincing enough for use in serious adult “porno” productions, although they may hold some caché in some of the more outlandish bukakke productions. In most cases, while the actual cum shot can be faked, the penis needs to be real. With the Magic Money Shot, you can continue to use real penises and convincingly fake the cum shot.

Why would you want to use fake cum? There are many reasons. Sometimes pop shots are weak, or don’t happen at all.

Some of the best reasons for having the Magic Money Shot in your bag include:

  • The model / man / talent / stud can’t cum – for whatever reason. Maybe he had too much cold medicine the night before, maybe he’s just having an off day. Maybe he’s never shot before in public. It doesn’t matter why, if you get to that point, you’ve got a major problem and our fake cum shot device, along with our synthetic semen will provide you a life saving back up. Think of it as cheap insurance policy. Are you really willing to stake a day’s work on 10 seconds of activity that might not be what you’re looking for? Remember, you can re-take every part of a scene – except for the pop-shot.
  • With the Magic Money Shot, you can shoot more scenes in less time with the same model. You can shoot different endings to the same scene, or perhaps as many as a dozen different scenes. More clips equals more money – and isn’t that why you’re in business? With the Money Shot Pro you could shoot well over a dozen different scenes with one bottle of our Kum.
  • Cum is a limited commodity. Even those that feel they don’t need a fake the money shot could still do with extra semen on hand. For those that shoot stills, or do the promo / cover work, being able to place the cum exactly where you want it is a huge plus. You don’t even need the male talent to show up!
  • Bukakke by the bucket. I think we can all agree, you can never have enough cum for a bukakke shoot. You could try making your own fake cum but it’s tough to make it look realistic. Plus, you need to steer clear of harsh chemicals that can get in your eyes, or food stuffs that can cause a yeast infection. We think our synthetic fake “Kum” is a far better option. And guess what, our cum will never give you an STD or HIV. And it comes in strawberry!

‘Nuff said.