magic money shot


As many of you will know, the Mini and Pro fake cum shot devices have been unavailable for nearly a year now – since supply chains broke down due to Covid. But we finally have good news for 2022. They’re back – new and improved!


1.) We’ve found a way to give you both the Mini and the Quick Fire in the same product. You no longer have to choose – or buy both. You can easily convert the Mini into the Quick Fire shooter and back again whenever you want to. Simply detach / reattach the line. This means you switch from POV to realistic 3rd party penis ejaculation shots in seconds. Plus, you no longer need to invert when using the shooter in Mini mode, making it easier to use. It’s also more consistent / reliable. This consolidated product will keep the name of the “Quick Fire”. The “Mini” name will be retired.


2.) The green tips are history. Initially, we thought they’d be useful in identifying if the line was in the camera shot, but it seems that some folk still don’t spot it until post production – and then it’s too late. Since the Mini tubing is clear / transparent, there’s a good chance it wouldn’t be noticeable without the tip anyway. Plus they come from China. So gone.


3.) We’ve upped the amount of our fake cum product KUM in the smaller bottle to 4 ounces. That’s enough for a few more squirts – or an entire scene if you’re in the adult business. We’ve added more comprehensive, waterproof, labeling so you can wash the bottles without the labels coming off, or the print running.

So… more Kum per bottle, 2-products in one, more powerful shots, and no more worrying about colored tips. Great news all around. We hope you approve.
But wait, there’s more!


VIP Members: Many of are already returning VIP members so don’t forget to use the VIP login for your discounts. Some of you have been with us since the beginning. We recognize your names… and a huge “Thank you!” to you.


More Discounts: We have a couple of heavily discounted products on sale like the rotating dildo and fun bondage starter pack – so be sure to check those out.


Dew Serum: We have also teamed up with Dew Serum for Men. Dew is a brand new penis moisturizer made of essential oils that will keep you boy moisturized and smelling great, without any residue or stickiness. We know that some of you are desperately in need of relief.   😉