All of the “cum lubes” on the market are just white-colored regular lubricants. They don’t really look like cum. See our recent cum lube review here.

How to Make Fake Cum? Well, it’s not easy. One of the biggest issues in creating a good synthetic semen is getting the “look” just right.

At Magic Money Shot, our emphasis is not on lubrication but rather on producing a product that looks and feels like real cum for adult movie makers and cum enthusiasts. And we’re always looking to improve. We look for ways to make our synthetic jizz less homogenous, and more “cloudy” – just like the real thing.

We recently employed two different chemists in an attempt to make our Kum even more lifelike. Neither of them succeeded. The problem is that liquids usually tend to want to mix evenly, creating a uniform look.

But recently, we came up with an interesting innovation to create a more “flecked” look to our cum, and we’ve already begun rolling out the latest version to our cum loving customers.

We hope you like it – let us know your thoughts! And you have any bright ideas on how to make our fake semen even better, then we’d love to hear from you. Let’s talk!

“Kum” from Magic Money Shot – Our Latest Batch 2019 🙂