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We’re happy to announce a partnership with the brand new Dew Serum for Men. What is it? It’s the premium moisturizer for your penis, perfect for adult film stars and those whose manhood would benefit from some pampering.

It’s made with six premium oils: coconut, argon,  jojoba, aloe, bergamot and lavender. Nothing else. No preservatives, colors, or fragrances, no parabens, phalates, silicones or sticky glycerin. Cruelty free.

Dew Serum is not a cream but a serum. However it’s not sticky and absorbs almost instantly. Just a few drops go a long way. It helps with soreness and chaffing – and is also great for those who are stretching skin to restore their foreskins after unwanted childhood cirumcision. Yes, it’s a thing!

Dew is not a personal lubricant and is not designed for sexual intercourse. Nor does it increase size. It’s a penis soother and moisturizer, pure and simple.

You can pick up a bottle of Dew penis moisturizer with shipping included right here.

Let us know what you think!