how to make fake cum

Fake Semen – Shoot it Like a Pro!

How To Make Fake Cum & Shoot It

Finally – A pro synthetic semen / sperm recipe that looks real!

If you search the internet, you can find some interesting recipes for How to Make Fake Cum. Most of them are none too convincing when it comes to movie making. Sometimes, they’re just plain dangerous.

We’ve seen all the fake cum recipes, with ingredients from shampoo to hand lotion, from coconut body wash to flour or baby powder – even cigarette butts and acetone. And then there are the spermy food stuffs: The cornstarch, the yoghurts, the sour creams, the milk, the egg whites, the thickened and condensed milks, even gums & clays. It seems just about everything’s been tried at some point when it comes to concocting a fake semen recipe.

Cornstarch and arrow root are examples of food stuffs that you can ingest and so these might be a better option for those looking to swallow fake cum. The main problem with these semen recipes, as well as the dairy food based ingredients, is that if women get them in their vaginas, the sugar and yeast could cause infections. And of course eggs can contain salmonella – not a good fake cum ingredient!

Also, food-stuffs without preservatives spoil quickly, so you can’t save them. They will last a while longer in the fridge but they will soon go bad without preservatives. You also can’t freeze most of them. If you do, the internal cells burst and the mixture breaks down when you thaw it. So food items might seem like a safer way to make fake cum but without good preservatives, sickness or diarrhea could still result.

Fortunately, there is an easier route to getting fake cum that avoids all of these problems: Just buy your fake cum from We call it “Kum.” It uses no nasty tasting chemicals, and none of those food stuffs that attract masses of yeast. You can get our fake semen in your mouth, plus Kum can be refrigerated and even frozen, with the mixture returning to normal when it thaws! It comes in two flavors: authentic, that tastes like the real thing, or strawberry for those that can’t don’t like the alkaline, salty taste of real semen.

Our stage sperm has been designed primarily for adult industry porn shoots (in conjunction with our fake cum ejaculation device), but it also works well as a novelty item for those just looking for some realistic cum play. So if you’re a bukakke enthusiast, look no further. Save time and money by not learning how to make fake cum. Let us send you the best fake semen on the market!

And remember, always play safely!~

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