magic money shot


Your Best Shot At Saving A Shoot!

Weak, no volume or low-grade cum shot?

Tired of waiting for the big moment?

Time is money, and there’s nothing quite like a performance problem to ruin your porn shoot. On a bad day, waiting for it can take… well, forever. We’ve seen crews stand around for hours, just for the last 30 seconds of video only to find what’s in the can is less than magical.

The added stress on the talent only makes things worse. In the end, maybe it doesn’t happen at all. Or maybe your camera man was asleep by then and missed it completely. Been there. Done that.

Complex problem. Simple solution.

Introducing: Peace of Mind.


Easy to self-operate.
Great for POV & camming.
Good low-budget option.


Longer line for crew operation.
Trigger for power & distance.
More Kum for more scenes.

fake cum


It looks like cum, It feels like cum,
It shoots on demand…
and it never runs out!

Back It Up!

Old school? Keep the Magic Money-Shot on hand as a back-up. Even if you don’t use it, the peace of mind is worth the investment. Think of it as insurance. Make Magic Money Shot a part of your kit, just like your spare cell packs, light bulbs and lube.

“We pay a lot for production. So I don’t start the day without a Plan B… The Magic Money Shot is always on the set.”
“We waited 4 hours for our lead male to pop last month. He’s usually very reliable but he’d taken some flu meds and didn’t know the decongestant would inhibit his ejaculatory reflex. If we’d had your device then, we would have saved a couple of hundred dollars in additional crew fees and pizza, not to mention a few short tempers with some of the talent.”
“The number of scenes I can get out of a guy is only limited only by the number of times he can cum. So now instead of one or maybe two scenes, I can get literally a dozen clips, each with a nice ending. Plus I can shoot different endings for the same scene, as well as different angles, and pick the best ones. Additional output means additional revenue, plain and simple.”
“So we got the Original Cum flavor Spunk. It was disgusting. Or fantastic. Depending on your point of view!”

The Magic Money Shot Advantage

  ♦  Worst case scenario: averted. ♦  Unlimited cum shots. More scenes from each model. ♦  Can be pumped by the talent or production crew. ♦  Didn’t like the result that you got first time? Shoot it again. And again. ♦  Did anyone mention Bukkake madness?


Spend $49 or more and gain access to our adult industry VIP Loyalty Club on subsequent purchases.
Enjoy preferred pricing on our entire Magic Money shot range!
Great for adult industry producers who purchase on a regular basis.
Just send a copy of your original email order to VIP@MagicMoneyShot – and we’ll forward the password!

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