cum-lady.jpgWe get a lot of questions about our fake cum, and what people are using it for. Here are the main applications that we’re seeing.

  1. Primary adult movie/film device;

  2. Back up adult movie/film device;

  3. Alternate endings;

  4. Adult photo shoots;

  5. Pranksters;

  6. Cum enthusiasts.

Primary adult movie/film device

Using the Magic Money Shot as a primary adult cum shot device was a surprise, until we realized how big the doll fetish and fake penis porn industry is. Since fake penises can’t actually ejaculate, some producers drill holes into dildos etc. and shoot our fake come out of the sharp end.

Back up adult movie/film device

If you’re an adult movie maker, you can’t be without this device. We’ve all heard the stories, and this bag of tricks might just save your shoot.

Alternate endings

Here’s where a fake cum shot device really comes into it’s own. Instead of having just one ending, which might have been less than satisfactory, film and clip makers now have the ability to produce mulitiple versions of the same scene, or make multiple scenes with the same (or different models) creating a huge bang for their production buck.

Adult photo shoots

Another use that not all porn producers have considered is the photo shoot. Some do it before the movie, some do it after, but either way, all the natural juices are long gone. Many adult movie makers are only buying our Spunk, just so that they have all the cum they need for their photo-shoots.


Not too many of these. But there’s always one.

Cum enthusiasts

Something of a surprise. There are a lot of folk out there that just love to play with cum and fantasize about eating it, or just having it sprayed all over them. They don’t video it for the adult business, it’s all in the name of fun. Boys and girls all just making a gooey mess for the hell of it. And why not?