Did you know that our large 8oz bottle of fake cum is more than twice the size of the 3.3oz small bottle? That means you can use it to refill the small bottle twice. If you use the Mini, the Monster Squirt or the Quick Fire this will save you significant money if you don’t mind the hassle of pouring one bottle into two smaller bottles. Of course the cheapest way is to make your own fake cum – but that’s easier said that done, and you could wind up with a yeast infection. Yuk.

synthetic semen

Large 8oz bottle

Two Mini bottles =  $46
One large bottle = $34
Savings: $12!

In addition, if you’re a VIP member, meaning you spent $50 or so in the past, then you get the large bottle for $31 (Just use the VIP tab to order. See your old email confirmation for the password).
New savings: $15!

Definitely worth it, especially for the Monster Squirt dildo which can pump massive loads.

You’re welcome. Happy New Year! And here’s to happy squirting in 2020!~