VIP Refill: Pro

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8oz Refill for the adult industry crew line only. Enough for 5-10 scenes.

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1 review for VIP Refill: Pro

  1. Charlene

    We are first time buyers and after reading all of the reviews for some if the semen-like lubes, just had to try this one. We bought the authentic flavor.

    It looks just like cum, has the right texture and viscosity, and actually works very well as a lube. It has no discernible smell like the real thing. The taste, although pleasant, seems a bit off, but that’s just our opinion.

    I do want to advise that you read the FAQs and medical disclaimer before purchasing. I did not know this, but the product does contain plant and food materials. It will expire, although no expiration date is labeled on the product. The company recommends to refrigerate and/or freeze it if not using it for some time (I think 30 days). It is reported to be non-toxic, but there is a caution that it is not manufactured in a food grade setting. The medical disclaimer states: “We do not encourage the consumption of our products due to the fact that neither the product, nor our facilities are regulated for food-processing.” That said, it seems odd that the product taste is a marketing point???

    The product is marketed for the adult film industry. We did not purchase it for this, but for our own personal use. We have found It to be just like the real thing and has not disappointed, and if you are intrigued, I’d recommend trying it. Just be aware of the expiration limits and caution against consumption.

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