Our fake cum is now Kosher certified.

Seriously, it is.

What does that mean? Did a Rabbi pray over it? Could be. Our dictionary says this means that it’s been prepared “satisfying the requirements of Jewish law.”

Well that’s good to know.

To be completely accurate, it’s not our Spunk that’s Kosher friendly, just the main ingredient. Not that we’re religious. Au contraire. All we’re trying to say is, the main ingredient of our synthetic semen is food grade. It’s also gluten free and hypoallergenic. Our other ingredients are also food grade.

We don’t mean to suggest that eating our stage jizz is good for long-term health. In fact, our Spunk doesn’t contain the many of the preservatives that most modern food does, and so it probably won’t last as long. So we’re not suggesting you start guzzling it like Gatorade, but if you happen to get some in your mouth, well, it’s ok to swallow. Like you had to be told.

So that’s it. Kosher cum. Get yours today.

Update: As of May 2016, our cum is no longer Kosher. Although it may have been more ‘edible’, the overall quality of the product we were being supplied with suffered and the results were less ‘authentic’ than our original supplier. So we’ve gone back to basics since, well, who cares if it’s Kosher. If you purchased Spunk from us between January 2016 and May 2016 and weren’t happy with the look or feel of our fake jizz, just order a Spunk refill and we will either double your order, or include a new serpent. Just let us know the original order number or email associated with the purchase. We want you to have the most authentic cum shots in the industry!