How Squirting Cocks & Ejaculating Dildos Work – A Review


Squirting / ejaculating dick dildos cum with 4 main types of delivery system. This blog will review the available dildo styles, as well as a couple of real life, specific brand examples. We tested one of each type of squirting cock: A pump (bulb) style dildo, a syringe-style dildo, a trigger mechanism and also a testicle-squeeze dildo. Each may have their advantages and disadvantages. An example of each is illustrated below.

These ejaculating dildos may or may not come with a fake cum lube to squirt. The juice can be expensive, so this may also be important to consider when looking at product price. We also have a separate post devoted to the review of best fake cum lubes that are currently on the market.

syringe style squirting dildo
Syringe Style
bulb style squirting dildo
Bulb Style
Testicle squeeze style squirting dildo
Squeeze Style
Trigger style squirting dildo
Trigger Style

Squirtz Cyberskin 6.5″ Squirting Dildo (testicle squeeze)

Squirtz squirting dildo is a TPR product with dual-density Cyberskin. It stands out as one the classier products when it comes to look, feel and smell (meaning it doesn’t smell). It has a soft realistic skin to it and a firm core underneath. This feels pretty real and makes you want to grab it – and hold on. It’s also a better color than most because it’s has several tones instead of a single color. This ejaculating dildo claims to be “hand painted.” Somehow I doubt that. I can’t imagine a bunch of sweat workers in China with little cock-colored paints. Call me a cynic. Anyway, marketing BS aside, I like this product – at least aesthetically.

Testicle Squeeze Style

The Squirt: You fill the balls by inverting the dildo into your cum jar and then squeezing the balls to “inhale” the product. Squeeze again to expel. Unfortunately, the dildo’s vessel inside the balls is tiny, meaning once you’ve found a product that it will actually suck up, it’s more of a quick, sputter than a squirt. Nice if you just want a quick squirt or two on your chest, but nothing to write home about. Also, having to keep turning the cock upside down and then wiping the head clean is kind of a pain. It might be better to use a syringe and inject the fake cum into it. On the plus side, this type of system avoids the need for a line with a pump. There are no extra parts to worry about (or clean) and that makes it very streamline product.

The Juice: Squirtz make their own Cum Lube product. Unfortunately the dildo packaging didn’t include any, so we were unable to evaluate. However, we ordered some and will report back in our next post! Luckily we happen to have our own Kum, although it needed drastically diluting to be thin enough to work. Be careful what cum lubes you use with this dildo. Silicone-based lubes may react with the special skin. Water-based is probably best.

Phthalate-free and body safe.
Various sizes available


Doc Johnson’s “The Amazing Squirting Realistic Cock” (syringe)

This dildo isn’t as amazing or as realistic as the same suggests. It isn’t as nice as the Squirtz in terms of look, feel – or smell, meaning it’s a single color, PVC molded dildo, with a strong PVC smell. That said, it’s less expensive of course. It’s also much better at doing what it was made for – namely squirting.

Syringe Style

The Squirt: is via a syringe which you fill with cum lube. You then attach the syringe to a tube which runs through the inside of the dildo. This one has good power, but it’s a little hard to control the syringe with any accuracy. It’s also relatively easy to accidentally fire it all at once. The distance is good, bu once you’ve shot your bolt, you’ll have to refill. One nice thing about this dildo is the oversized balls, which can be used to hold the dildo in place while squirting the cum product. It also has a suction pad for those that want to ride it. And it works. Perhaps the best thing about this dildo for those that are really looking to squirt, is that it can be easily modified. Just remove the syringe, and add the Magic Money Shot Quick Fire device to the line. The trigger mechanism allows for greater control and accuracy and you get three ounces of their KUM included, instead of one, meaning it should be good for dozens of cum shots.


The Juice: This squirting cock also comes with 1oz of Splooge Juice, which is sweet and fairly realistic. You’re supposed to mix it with equal parts of water, but I think it looks great straight out of the bottle. Unfortunately, the bottle is truly tiny – enough to fill the syringe one time, maybe twice if you dilute it.

Phthalate-free and body safe.

Various sizes available.


Pipedream 10″ King Cock (bulb pump)

We got greedy here and selected their thick, 10″ squirt cock. This feels great in the hand, but would be a real pussy filler – and way too much for most butts to handle. It has a realistic shape, but again has the PVC smell, which is a shame for a product that typically costs in excess of $70.

Pipedream ejaculation dildo

Bulb Style

The Squirt: This dildo uses a ball pump which you squeeze. Squeezing results in more like a urine-like stream and makes a fair bit of ‘farting’ air noise. Pushing the bulb hard can cause it to collapse into the recessed hole in the dildo itself.


The Juice: Jizzle Juice is described as smelling and feeling like real semen – thick, cloudy and white. But we found the liquid to be pale, with little viscosity, no discernible odor, and unnaturally sweet. If you like your cum thin and watery, then great. Not so great if you prefer thick, creamy white as described.
Phthalate-free, latex free and body safe.
Various sizes available.


Monster Squirt Squirting Dildo by Magic Money Shot (trigger)

Disclaimer: We designed this one! This Monster Squirting dildo by Magic Money Shot is a squirting cock dildo with a trigger mechanism. In fact, it’s the only ejaculating dildo on the market that uses a trigger, and we think it’s the only one that really packs the kind of punch you’re looking for. It also offers double the cum of many of the other products, which will get you off to a flying start, and hours of fun. TWO bottles.


monster squirting dildo

Monster squirt ejaculating dildo

The Squirt: Power, distance, and above all control. Squeeze gently for a dribble, squeeze hard for a shot. The trigger makes it easy to vary the pressure for a realistic set of cum shots. For real distance, try the Magic Money Shot “Pro”. Nothing else comes even close if you’re looking for power and distance – but the Pro is more for adult industry film use.

The Juice: We make our own cum product called “Kum“. You can get it in two flavors, strawberry and “authentic” meaning it tastes pretty realistic, i.e. nasty – which is great, if you like nasty. It’s a no-mess set up, just attach the bottle to the dildo and start squirting. No filing, injecting or sucking – just plug and play. Squirt until the bottle runs dry! 

Phthalate-free and body safe.
One size currently available

Head over to our blog page for a review of the world’s most powerful squirting cock and see our video page for a demo!


Summary: The Scoop on Squirting Dildos

Perhaps not surprisingly, none of the ejaculating cocks we tested look super realistic. We are  in the sub-$100 price range, after all. You’d need to spend about $300 for one of those amazing prosthetic types. Also, except for the KFC, none squirt well enough to take seriously in a porn shoot. They tended to run out of cum quickly, make “farting” noises, and have inconsistent flow and can be hard to control, which can be frustrating. Added to which, the PVC ejaculating dildos really do have a terrible rubber smell. After you touch them, your hands will smell the same way. No biggie for some, just wash it off. Hey, they’re great for some messy fun now and then. Price-wise, PVC dildos tend to be much cheaper than the silicone dildos which can be double – or triple the price. So unless you’re seriously into the squirting scene, they should do the trick.

For porn shoots, best bet is to buy a trigger-based ejaculation system. Or, if you already have one of the syringe style squirters – you can  just convert it by getting the Magic Money Shot “Quick Fire” device. You’ll get a ton more cum, and some real power and direction. Great for fun bukkake shoots. Or for real adult movie shoots, just use a real dick, supported by the Magic Money Shot “Mini” or “Pro” fake cum shot device, along with a bucket of your favorite Kum!