Money Shot “Quick Fire” w/ Kum

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Comes with standard 18″ line. Detachable. Bottle contains 4oz of Kum. Enough for about 3-4 scenes.

5 reviews for Money Shot “Quick Fire” w/ Kum

  1. Dan

    Great for shooting discretely. Remember to turn it upside down. Might need to water down the cum a bit to get it to shoot far, as it’s super thick.

  2. Tommy DeHennis

    I’m a cam model and this allows me to take care of business just like my female coworkers – I can now have “multiple orgasms” per day!

  3. Selena Ryan (verified owner)

    I’m an amateur porn star and my clients want to see me in action with LOTS of cum! This allows me and my partner to shoot multiple times a day without the stress of him being able to fully “perform.” Honestly, this stuff is a godsend! I like the strawberry because I like the way it smells 🙂

  4. Rpm

    Haven’t been able to cum since my prostate surgery, and this stuff is the closest thing to it. It looks great on my girls face!!

  5. Lee (verified owner)

    Got this to spice stuff up with my GF. Had a prostate surgery and can’t produce any jizz. Got the quick shot and connected it to a squiring dildo we already had that had a useless bulb and… OMG. The texture, the feel, the taste are scary realistic. And man does it shoot out of that dildo now.
    Great job on an awesome product.

    • Max

      Wow, that’s pretty inspirational… thanks for sharing!~

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