Double Refill: Quick-Fire

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Bottles contain 4oz of Kum. Enough for about 10-20 scenes.

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2 reviews for Double Refill: Quick-Fire

  1. Tommy DeHennis

    As a cam model in the current pandemic, I need to serve as many customers as I can. With my new ability to have “multiple orgasms”, I need a steady supply of Kum. Thanks for making this 2-pack.

  2. Diana (Javier) (verified owner)

    I am a transmale and have wanted to make sex more realistic for my girl as if she was with a man with a functioning penis. I had heard this brand was pretty close to real sperm (for feel and taste) so I decided to give it a shot. I bought the authentic ones to try out with her and she said if she didn’t like it she would want me to get the strawberry ones instead. So far she’s loving the feeling of me “arriving” inside her but not so much when it came to doing it in her mouth. But she was never really interested in blowjobs. Oh and she’s never had a real penis either so she’s glad that she gets to experience the feeling of being “cummed in” by me because she says it definitely feels more intimate for her for me to pretend to cum in her. Glad I gave this a shot! Thanks!

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