Money-Shot Magic
New Ejaculation Backup Device Released

Orlando, Fla. – July 1st, 2014: This month sees the launch of which will tempt adult film makers with an alternate way to deal with male performers who are having an “off day”.

The website offers a new device that will ensure a “happy ending” to every shoot. No more waiting around for “the moment”, no more underpowered or weak shots.

“It’s about having options,” says Max Huhn, who’s been working on both the device and the formulation that it shoots. “We’ve produced a reliable back up for adult film makers who are running out of time. But more than that, this equipment also allows producers to use the same talent for multiple scenes in a single day. It will bring them a bigger ‘bang for their buck’, so to speak.”

The new web site provides an opportunity for industry insiders to see the “snakes” in action, and offers easy online ordering. The fake sperm, dubbed Spunk, cums in both regular and Bukake sized batches. It is available in two tantalizing flavors: Sweet Vanilla (tasty) and Original Realistic (it’s more the real thing… not so tasty).

“Many adult producers have played with this idea over the years,” says Huhn, “But in most cases, the final product involves a cutaway and usually looks fake. My hope is that the Magic Money Shot will solve a lot of headaches and offer peace of mind at a reasonable price.”

 The new site can be found at:
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