Let Dong “The Schlong” Juan explain…

IMPORTANT: The Mini is designed to be used INVERTED.

Hold bottle upside down, which should happen naturally, once in place.


It is important that the system is properly “charged” before use. This prefills the system with fake cum and removes the air from the line.

1. Remove the cap from the Kum bottle and screw the bottle firmly to the device.

2. To charge, squeeze the trigger fully until the Kum is slowly drawn all the way through the line to the tip. Once Kum begins to drip from the exit, the system is charged. Place in a safe place until ready for use.


1. Line up the green exit teat on the end of the line with the end of the penis and hold both penis and line together in left hand.

2. Take the rest of the line through the legs to the back side of the buttocks and hold trigger in right hand, with bottle inverted.

3. Squeeze trigger sharply and release quickly.

4. To keep shooting, simply keep pumping until all of the Kum has been ejected.

5. Practice shooting techniques from the Magic Money Shot into a sink (or onto a volunteer!) until you are comfortable with the different degrees of squeeze. With practice, you’ll be able to produce the perfect money shot for every occasion, every time, with predictable, guaranteed results.

Correct maintenance will ensure trouble free use of the Magic Money Shot. If not properly cleaned, the system can become clogged with residue and mold can also grow inside the line. To clean the device after use, simply fill a vessel with warm water, and pump clean water through the system to clear the line and trigger system. After flushing, pump air through the line to remove as much remaining water as possible, then hang device to air-dry.

Each batch of Kum is hand-prepared and should be used as soon as possible for optimum results.

Refrigeration will lengthen the shelf-life of Kum but low temperatures may also cause the mix to thicken. If refrigerated, bring mixture back to room temperature to restore correct viscosity before use. The optimum temperature for pumping Kum is 65-80F.

Kum may also be frozen for up to a month to increase shelf life. Kum should be discarded after 1 month.

Use only with Kum provided. Other products may cause valve damage, or clogging of the system.

Do not swallow. The Magic Money shot is a novelty item and not a medical device. Kum is not to be taken internally. If liquid enters the mouth, eyes, nose, other body cavities, or cuts and abrasions, immediately flush with tepid water. Seek medical attention if significant or persistent irritation occurs.

Finally, thank you for your order. Have fun, and remember – always play safely!~