magic money shot

As if personal sex cams were not already on the rise, the COVID-19 pandemic now has even more boys and girls trying out camming for the first time as they attempt to eek out a living.

One of the questions that gets asked a lot by gay and straight guy cam models is how to keep having orgasms for each of your private, paying customers. One male cam model recently put it this way: “Many of my customers want me to cum for them. But I can’t cum 12 times a day. How can I fake my orgasms to keep them happy?”

Well, before the Magic Money Shot it wasn’t so easy. Now, you have a chance. Magic Money Shot makes fake cum lube plus a series of devices that will help you through those sticky (and not so sticky) moments.

Your best bet for camming (if you’re a guy) is the Money Shot Mini fake cum shot device. With this device and the right angle you should be able to fake a decent shot if you can pause the cam, or divert attention with a second person to set it up. The Mini can be fired from behind, either by the cam actor or a friend. And with the Pro version, a friend can operate it from way off-camera so that nobody would ever know.

And then there’s the fake cum line up, called KUM. You can use this with our shooters, or independently if you just want to throw it around. All in all, plenty of options! It looks completely real, the main difficulty is for the cam model to find the right time to set it up without the client noticing so that the cum shot can happen at the right time.