How not NOT to use the Magic Money Shot…

This is from a real porn shoot. And although this screenshot was taken from a fairly fast moving scene, at least one person noticed.


Mistakes happen. So here are some tips for using the Magic Money Shot to avoid pop-shot disaster:

– Take time to set up the scene. There’s no rush – that’s the point. Ensure the device is primed and double check your positioning before calling “Action!”

– If you’re operating the camera POV, use the “Mini” device.

– Use a large external monitor if possible – or at least look up every now and then to double check what’s in the frame.

– If you’re using the device for the first time, practice before the shoot. Let the model practice too. Nothing wrong with a ‘dry run’.

– Also run a few trial sequences – and then view the results to see if you got what you think you got.

– Run several ‘real’ takes. Pick the best. Have a variety of endings to choose from. That’s the beauty of faking it.

– Actively look for the tubing and tip, and know how it should be placed to avoid being seen.

– Use the green ‘glow tip’ as a visual aid to avoid problems near the tip of the penis, particularly in low light situations. No green visible? Then you’re probably in the clear. Unless of course you’re color blind.

Green tip

– Avoid too much hand movement during the ‘ejaculation’ phase once everything is in place. Men usually slow down at the moment of ejaculation and many stop manual stimulation altogether – no need to get crazy.

– Consider the “Pro” version if you have a larger crew. Let a dedicated crew member concentrate on the device details, including the timing and volume of shot itself. Let the actor concentrate on… whatever they concentrate on.

– The editing room is your friend. A problem like the one above should have been spotted and eliminated in post production. The company could have edited out the problem, or used an alternate ending, assuming they followed the above advice.

Using the Magic Money shot to produce fake cum shots is simple and effective. It saves time, money, hassle and allows for any number of creative endings. But if you get sloppy, the outcome could ruin your reputation.