Occasionally, we get emails from users who are having trouble operating their fake cum shot device. Sometimes, the device is DOA, but usually, it’s a case of user error – or failure to read the instructions.

Here are a couple of the most common problems, along with the solutions.

  1. Money Shot Mini: “Dip tube is missing”.

It’s not missing, it’s just very short. Remember this device must be used inverted. Read the instructions – or see this humorous puppet video we made if you’re not sure what “inverted” means!~

Video: How to Use the Magic Money Shot Mini

  • “When I press the trigger, nothing happens.”

Once the Kum bottle is connected, don’t forget to “charge” the device before attempting to use it. Press the trigger several times to begin drawing the cum liquid into the tubing so that it’s ready to fire. You may need to do this 10 or 20 times before the system draws up the fluid. When you see the fake cum start to exit the device, you’ll know it’s prepped. If this doesn’t work, see #3 below.

  • “The device is weak / won’t squirt properly.”

If the cum fluid doesn’t draw into the device, or doesn’t squirt far, the Kum may be too thick. Our Kum is handmade – and some batches come out thicker than others. Empty out the Kum into another container and fill the bottle with water instead. If it works with water, then the liquid is just too viscous (thick). Dilute the Kum with water until it is a little thinner. Add just a little at a time. Remember, you can keep adding water, but once you’ve stirred it in, you can’t take it out again.

  •  “My MMS was working – but now the device is clogged.”

Remember to pump clean water through your fake cum shot device once you’ve finished using it. Even better, use a vinegar solution or a little bleach to help prevent mold build up. If you don’t, the mixture left in the tubing will clog up the device and it won’t work next time you need it. Pumping hot water through the trigger and tubing will usually help flush out any clogs.