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Well, we were doing pretty well to start with, but as with many businesses, Covid has finally had its way with us.

Little by little, we find ourselves unable to get the various parts we need. As a result we are slowly sinking, one squirt at a time.

For the squirting line, all we have left is… well nothing. Small refills only. You can still buy our amazing Kum, but only in the smaller size because there are no larger bottles left. Even the Kum itself has a different supplier for some ingredients, and the viscosity might be slightly different than you are used to. Our last batch came out extra thick and creamy, so you might need to dilute it some if you’re using it with one of our squirting devices.

Hopefully, our supply line will open up again soon (they’re saying December 2020 perhaps) and we’ll be back with our full suite of products. Until, then we are going to heavily discount our rotating dildo and our starter fun play-at-home bondage kit which don’t rely on the parts we need for our other products. These discounts will remain in place until the end of 2020.

Thanks for your patience, have fun – and stay safe out there! And wear a damned mask, willya?  😉