For Delivery, Call:

(818) 492-2992

Starts Aug 1, 2018.


It’s been suggested a few times now, so we’re going to give it a shot.

Need that pop shot – like 20 minutes ago? Not happening? Crew on hold? Ordering porn pizza while you wait?

We’ll have your problem solved, faster than a Jimmy John’s sandwich.

Now you can order the Magic Money Shot at the same time you order the pizza, and chances are, it will be there before you finish what’s in that box.

This could be your best shot at saving your shoot. The cost of redemption is $195 (about twice what you’re about to spend on crew pizza), which includes courier delivery of a large bottle of Kum and our Magic Money Shot “Pro” device. Don’t worry, it won’t sound so expensive when you need it. Or you could just order it ahead of time and save yourself the headache, the pizza and the cost of a courier.

On the plus side. our courier will help you set up the device and make sure it’s working before they leave. Chances are, they will help you get a better ending to the shot than you had planned. And maybe an alternate and an extra scene or two, which means the device will pay for itself right off the bat.

How to order: Starting August 1, 2018, dial (818) 492-2992 and ask for Max.¬†For now, you’ll have to be in the L.A. / San Fernando valley area or thereabouts. You’ll need a credit card to pay in advance (no, we won’t send a courier half way across LA in traffic just to find out you don’t need it any more!~)

Once you’ve established service is available within your time frame, you can make payment of $195 to PayPal to: – or just navigate to: using the link below.

Magic Money Shot – A whole new meaning to the phrase “We’ve got you covered!”