Money Shot “Quick-Fire” w/ Kum

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Perfect for:

  • Where penis is not seen ejaculating, eg. POV “splash scenes.” Bottle contains enough for about 5-10 scenes.
  • Easy, non messy, applicator for photo stills / marketing videos. Allows for precision placement of Kum.
  • Use as the perfect Upgrade Kit for most squirting dildos that use a line and syringe mechanism for firing. Turn that dribble into a splash!


Includes: bottle of 3.3oz of Kum.

Includes: Free shipping.


2 reviews for Money Shot “Quick-Fire” w/ Kum

  1. Marc Manchester

    Hi! Received order yesterday which was amazingly fast. Beyond amazed with kum! Looks like the real deal and behaves like it too. Incredible, can’t wait to use it on my next shoot! A bonus I didn’t realize when I purchased is that the applicator is pretty much dummy proof in that there is no adjustment to the nozzle ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Chris Vill (verified owner)

    Just as promised. The liquid being used is so realistic itโ€™s impossible to tell the difference. Additionally, the nozzle given for it actually gives a favorable spread.

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