magic money shot


We now have our dildos for sale on Amazon. Because Amazon doesn’t allow for any advertising on “adult” oriented products, they can be almost impossible to find unless you know which category to search. So here are the Amazon links for you. Each link will take you straight to the product.flesh-squrting-dildo

However, our adult products are not eligible for Prime so it may still be faster and a buck or two cheaper to order from our website. But of course, sometimes our site is down, plus, if you purchase our dildo on Amazon and leave us a 5-star review, we’ll send you a FREE refill bottle of Kum for your squirting dildo, shipping included. This is probably the best deal.


Either way, our monster squirting cocks are still the only ones that have a trigger mechanism and they still the only ones worth buying if you really want an ejaculating dildo that actually works.

Only a trigger will allow you to squirt with power and distance using a creamy liquid. The others, which typically use a syringe or a round bulb reservoir will really only work with water or milky, water-like liquids. We’ve tested them all, which is why we designed ours with a powerful trigger.

With the monster squirting dildo, you will get our creamy fake cum, which comes in two flavors: Authentic, for those who like the taste of the real thing, and strawberry for those who can’t stand it.

Both can be diluted straight from the bottle to achieve the perfect consistency for squirting, depending on what you’re looking for. The trigger also allows for the user to control the squirt using alternate short and then long squirts, instead of just squeezing a syringe or a bulb and dumping all the liquid out in one go. This makes our squirts more fun, more lifelike and more realistic.


VIP Members: Many of are already returning VIP members so don’t forget to use the VIP login for your discounts. Some of you have been with us since the beginning. We recognize your names… and a huge “Thank you!” to you.


More Discounts: We have a couple of heavily discounted products on sale like the rotating dildo and fun bondage starter pack – so be sure to check those out.